Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not offered admission into the MSTP, can I be considered for admission to MD only?


Does the MSTP offer students the option to obtain PhDs in disciplines other than the biomedical sciences or biomedical engineering?

UVA’s MSTP requires that all of our students obtain their PhD in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program or Biomedical Engineering. There are exceptions but for the most part the degree must involve scientific investigation for the purpose of improving medicine.

How will I be notified should I be offered an interview?

The Director of the program will email you with a tentative date to interview. Email will be the main form of communication so please make sure that all of your contact information is up to date should we need an alternative method to contact you.

Do you have a waiting list for offers?

Yes, we maintain a waiting list throughout the interview process. You are welcome to update the Committee with new information, as it becomes available. You are also encouraged to communicate with us to express your interest in the Program.

Do you require a summer lab rotation prior to the beginning of med school classes?

Yes. All MSTP incoming students will complete one four-week lab rotation prior to starting med school classes. Typically, students enroll at the beginning of July.

Does UVA MSTP provide funding for students?

Yes, the Program covers students’ tuition and fees, health insurance, and dental insurance; the Program also provides a modest stipend of $32,500. Regardless of citizenship status, all students receive the same funding.

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