Congratulations, Goldfarb Lab!

MSTP mentor, Adam Goldfarb and his team have recently been recognized for their research in the area of blood platelet creation and the “Master Switch” that could assist in the production of platelets specifically in neonates. Nearly 30% of preemies are affected by┬áneonatal thrombocytopenia and many will require platelet transfusions.

Read more about their exciting discovery HERE.

UVA MSTP Scott Seki Receives F31 Award

Please join us in congratulating Scott Seki (Grad 3) for receiving an F31 for his work in the Gaultier Lab, Department of Neuroscience.

Great job, Scott!

His project narrative is below:

Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) is a common debilitating disorder of the central nervous system (CNS) for which there are limited therapies and no cure. RRMS arises when the immune system, a cellular network that normally protects an individual from pathogens, instead sparks flares of severe inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. The goal of this study is to establish and exploit the changes in cell metabolism that support immune cells as they engage in these intense bouts of CNS destruction, in hopes that this will reveal novel targets for therapeutic intervention.