Catherine Doyle

Catherine Doyle is a fourth year graduate student in the Desai Lab in the Department of Pharmacology. She grew up in Tennessee, attended UVA for undergrad and subsequently worked at Vanderbilt University. In lab, Catherine studies the role of ion channels in innate immunity functions, with a focus on the processes of phagocytosis and viral infection. In particular, she has an interest in regulation of vesicular and endosomal ion channels during these cellular functions. Outside of lab, Catherine can be found hiking in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, golfing at the local courses, and enjoying time with friends at the many wonderful restaurants and vineyards around Charlottesville.

Undergraduate Institution: University of Virginia

Scientific areas of interest: Signal Transduction, membrane trafficking, ion channels, innate immunity

What’s one thing you love about Charlottesville? My favorite thing about Charlottesville is the outdoor activities. Whether I want to be more active and go hiking or kayaking- or more laid back and go to an outdoor concert or hang out with friends on a restaurant patio, there is an infinite way to enjoy the outdoors.