Jocelyn Ray

Jocelyn is fascinated by the evolutionary relationships between human pathogens and the human immune system. She studies mechanisms used by an obligate human bacterial pathogen to undermine human zinc nutritional immunity strategies. Outside of the lab, she loves the natural world, including birding, jogging, and hiking. She also paints (oil or watercolor) when she has the time, knits (but only in the winter), and is obsessed with her puppy, Freya (CASPCA), and cat, Lira (FSPCA), who were both adopted here in Cville.

Undergraduate Institution: College of William and Mary

Scientific areas of interest: Immunology, Microbiology

What’s one thing you love about Charlottesville? The abundance of nearby natural areas and green space. I’ve seen 19 different species of bird (and counting) in my yard today, which is within sight of the medical center.