2017-2018 Schedule

July 15 Retreat: Jake Eccles and Daniel Hess
August 23 Hot Seat
September 13 Summer Rotation Presentation
October 11 Annie Carlton & Angela Zeigler
November 8 MSTP Thanksgiving, Jacqueline Stevens
December NO RIP
January 10 Teddy Kamata & Ricky Baylis
February 14 Clinical Cases: Eve Champaloux & Shadi Khalil
March 14 Shambhavi Singh & Katie Owsiany
April 13 Second Look: Student/Alumni Presentations
May 9 Nadine Michel & Carol Rowley
May 14 Distinguished Lecturer: Bruce D. Walker, MD
June 13 Jeff Xing & Adi Narahari
 July Retreat: Jessica Neville Little & Mark Rudolf

RIPs are held on the second Wednesday of each month in Pinn Hall 1005 at 5:15 pm