Med 3-4 – Years 7-8

Below are the expectations of an MSTP Student in Med years 3 & 4:

  • Continue to attend all MSTP Required Events whenever possible. It is understood that you will be on-call or spending many hours on the wards and in the clinics. Please notify the Assistant Director if you’re not able to participate in these activities.
  • Complete MSTP IDP and attend MSTP IDP Committee Meeting scheduled by the Assistant Director.
  • Continue the dialogue with physicians regarding your clinical preferences and top residency programs.
  • For information regarding research residency and fellowship programs, click HERE.
  • Carefully plan your schedule so that you are able to request letters of recommendation from those attendings in your clinical interest area.
  • Plan electives and away rotations based on your clinical interests.
  • Apply and interview for Residency programs.
  • Successfully complete Medical School Selectives.
  • Enjoy the last two years in the Program!

*The MSTP pays stipend, tuition and benefits in Med 3 & 4 years.*