MSTP Admissions & Interview FAQ

Do you accept international students?

UVA MSTP follows the admissions policies of the Medical School. They require that all students have 90 hours of credit at an accredited undergraduate institute in the US, UK or Canada. There are no exceptions.

If I am not offered an interview to the MSTP, can I automatically be considered for MD?


Does your MD/PhD offer PhD’s in other disciplines?

UVA MSTP requires that all of our students obtain their PhD in Biomedical Sciences or in Biomedical Engineering. There are exceptions but for the most part the degree must involve scientific investigation for the purpose of improving medicine.

How will I be notified should I be offered an interview?

The Director of the program will email you with a tentative date to interview. We have 8 interview dates during the season so we typically can make one work out. Email will be the main form of communication so please make sure that all of your contact information is up to date should we need an alternative method to contact you.

When can interviewees expect a decision regarding admission to the program?

We do our best to make admissions decisions within 2-3 weeks of an interview date. We conduct the majority of our interviews in the Fall and make most of our offers before the Winter break. It is in your best interest to apply early.

 What is the application deadline?

UVA Medical School requires that you submit a supplemental application in addition to a completed AMCAS application. Specific deadlines are listed on the UVA SOM Admissions Site. If your application is incomplete at that time, you will not be considered for an interview.

Do you have a waiting list for offers?

Yes, we maintain a waiting list throughout the interview process. The committee reviews it very frequently and we consistently make several offers during and at the end of the interview season to those individuals. This requires patience on the interviewee’s part. We encourage all interviewees to communicate honestly with us throughout the recruitment process so that we can have an appreciation of your interest in matriculating.

Do you require a summer lab rotation prior to the beginning of Med School classes?

Yes. MST Program Orientation is on July 1st and you are required to begin in the lab on July 2nd for a minimum of four weeks. Choosing a rotation lab is a topic discussed thoroughly during the recruiting process.

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