Jason Papin

Papin, Jason

Primary Appointment

Professor, Biomedical Engineering


  • PhD, Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego

Contact Information

Telephone: 434-924-8195
Email: papin@virginia.edu
Website: http://bme.virginia.edu/csbl

Research Interests

Systems biology, infectious disease, cancer, toxicology, metabolic engineering

Research Description

The completed sequences of multiple genomes have catalyzed a phase transition in bioengineering research. Systems analysis has become a requirement for making sense of high-throughput data and for characterizing properties of biological networks. In order to extend these recent developments to medical applications, there is a pressing need for reconstructing and analyzing the biochemical networks that direct cellular processes. The subsequent analysis of these networks requires high-performance computing and sophisticated mathematical techniques.

Our research goals consist of the construction and analysis of large-scale biochemical networks and their application to human disease. Currently, we are working to develop methods for incorporating high-throughput data with integrated signaling, metabolic, and regulatory network reconstructions, and we are using these tools to study fundamental problems in infectious disease, cancer, toxicology, and metabolic engineering.

The development and application of computational methods to analyze large biological networks will revolutionize medical research and lead to the characterization of novel therapeutic targets that would be impossible otherwise.

Selected Publications