Minor, Wladek

Wladek Minor

Wladek Minor

Primary Appointment

Professor, Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics


  • MS, Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • BS, Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • PhD, Solid State Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland

Contact Information

PO Box 800736
Pinn Hall Rm 4223
Telephone: 434-243-6865
Email: wm4n@virginia.edu
Website: http://krzys.med.virginia.edu/CrystUVa/wladek.htm

Research Interests

Structure-Function Relationships in Proteins; Structural Genomics; Bioinformatics

Research Description

Our laboratory studies macromolecular structure with an aim toward in-depth understanding of structure-function relationships. X-ray diffraction analysis is our primary research tool, but we also employ other physical and biochemical methods of analysis. The program emphasizes two broad themes: crystallographic studies on molecules of immediate interest, and methodology development. Most of the macromolecules that we have under study relate to one or more of a few broad biological areas: cellular signal transduction and metalloproteins. The same systems have been chosen as subjects for methodology development. The methodology development includes the development of various crystallographic tools that create the HKL package. Another research area is high-throughout crystallography and structural genomics. Our lab is a member of Midwestern Center for Structural Genomics Consortium. We develop high-throughput crystallography equipment - integrated system for data collection and analysis has been installed at X9B beamline at NSLS.

Selected Publications