Brunjes, Peter C.

Peter Brunjes

Peter C. Brunjes

Primary Appointment

Commonwealth Professor, Psychology


  • BS, Psychology, Michigan State University
  • PhD, Comparative Psychology, Indiana University
  • Postdoc, Neuroanaotmy, University of Illinois

Contact Information

also known as the "anterior olfactory nucleus". It is a fascinating region that has received very little attention.
Telephone: 924 0687

Research Interests

Use the olfactory system to examine general problems in the brain maturation, including the role of afferent activity on tissue development and the interplay between evolution and development.

Research Description

Our lab is involved in studying the development of the brain. We always have a number of projects underway, with a focus on understanding the development of the ventral forebrain. Much of our work centers on studies of the development of the olfactory system, as its strict organization makes it easy to use in order to examine the normal rules of growth. Since it is a portion of a sensory system, its function is quite easy to manipulate. The olfactory bulb is the area of the brain that receives input from olfactory sensory neurons in the nasal cavity. We have examined many different aspects of bulb development, including gene expression, protein synthesis, metabolism, neuronal development, the expression of various neurophenotypes, physiological activity, the development of blood vessels, patterns of cell death, etc. The portion below the bulb, the olfactory peduncle"

Selected Publications